jQuery thumbnail scroller spillng out in IE only?

Hey all,

 I am building a rather advanced ebay template for a client which includes this thumbnail scoller :-

jQuery thumbnail scroller

The reason I am posting in the CSS forum is that the scroller spills out over the page in IE only (im using IE8), yet everything looks fine in all other browsers including FF, Chrome and Safari.

I would like to have posted my work up, but im not sure my client would be to happy so it makes things difficult when asking this question! But I was wondering if any of the style gurus may have a clue as to whats going on?

Here is some sample screenshots:-


I can also post code snippets if that helps. I am using the basic style sheet that comes with the package to style the scroller, but obviously I have my own styles set to my real pages.

Any help would be much appreciated!:slight_smile:

Could you perhaps post a test example on your own site so we can see it in action?

As Ralph said unless you can show a working demo of the problem it will be hard to fix.

Does the same thing happen in IE7?

Are you using a full doctype?

The original scroller works ok in IE8 ok so you will need to make a stripped down version and compare the differences.

If for example you have missed position:relative here then it would spill out.

#tsh_container .thumbScroller {

Of course I am just guessing :slight_smile:

Hey guys, thanks for your help.

      I have ditched the scroller altogether. Im not using a DTD because they are ignored within the confines of ebay.

Thanks very much anyway!