JQuery Submenu Action

Can someone help with a submenu transition? My original post is at http://www.sitepoint.com/forums/css-53/menu-trouble-757535.html I would like to make the dropline submenu appear to slide down instead of just pop in. Your help is appreciated.

Someone has brought my attention to the fact that because this is such a small transition I might not want to burden the site with another jQuery library. They also suggested that if we cannot make this happen with css (I’ve tried for the last two weeks without success) then it might only need a small bit of JavaScript. So, can anyone help transition the dropline menu that I have created by having it slide in on hover and slide out when the curser is removed, using Javascript (at this point I’d accept anything that would make it work without causing issues with the site)? The page I am working on is temporarily at blog dot gardensare.com

Please and thank you!