jQuery slideshow Galleriffic, slide-container placement- Need help

Hey all.

I am new to jquery. I grabbed this plugin from a developer. (I have also emailed him for help) I loaded the sample file on to the site it runs fine. I pulled the javascript and jquery files on to the root and set up the html markup and function call within a webpage container that matches the rest of the site. I changed only the width of the photo slide display to fit the table it is in. Now, the slide wants to display down below the fold.[URL=“http://beaverdam.dkdesign.net/dev/gallery_logcabins.html”]http://beaverdam.dkdesign.net/dev/gallery_logcabins.html

Can anyone look at the markup and/or the attached files indicated below to see what I might have done or can do to affect the display? Many thanks. Need to fix, launch and bill.

PS The site was dumped in my lap by a young designer using Dreamweaver. I haven’t had the time yet to go back and fix the poor construction.


It seems to work without error in Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox, but not Internet Explorer. No scripting errors occur in IE, which seems to imply that there may be IE-related CSS issues at hand here.

Thanks Paul. After the post I tried manipulating the css and was able to migrate the slide up into position. I reduced the height to 0px! It shouldn’t work but it did. Counter intuitive. Now I need to figure out how to get the caption element to position under the slide rather than on it.
Thanks again.