jQuery Show/hide select based on dropdown selection

Hi there,

I have the following select:

<select name="place">

                        <option value="place1">Place 1</option>

                        <option value="place2">Place 1</option>

                        <option value="place3">Place 1</option>

                        <option value="place4">Place 1</option>

What I would like to do is display another select dropdown if either option “place2”, “place3” or “place4” is selected.

How would I do this?


var correctPlaces = ['place2', 'place3', 'place4'];


Live demo: https://jsfiddle.net/h48v2756/


Many thanks for the reply. That is great, but I was hoping to display a different drop down for each option.

For example, If place 2 is selected, it would display a dropdown called place-2-dropdown and If place 3 is selected, it would display a dropdown called place-3-dropdown etc. Is this possible?


Yep. https://jsfiddle.net/h48v2756/1/

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