Jquery scrolling plugin not working in different browsers

I’m in the early stages of troubleshooting and I’m wondering if anyone can point me in any direction to deduce the issue. I have a site with a scrolling plugin (JQuery Waypoints http://imakewebthings.com/jquery-waypoints/) implemented on the top navigation. Here’s what’s happening:

  1. The scroll functionality is working on Safari v.6.0.5 on one computer and not working on another computer with the same version.
  2. It’s working in Chrome v.28.0.1500.71 on one computer and not working on another computer with the same version of the browser.

The variables I can pinpoint so far are the Mac OS versions. The computer in which this scroll function works is OSX 10.7.5 and the other computer, where the scrolling functionality does not work, is 10.8.4.

The other issue is the version of the plugin. I need to double check about which version is currently used - https://github.com/imakewebthings/jquery-waypoints

Thanks in advance.

Sounds bizarre and I don’t have a Mac to test on, but if you post the URL of your site, I can test it on Windows 8 with the big 5.

This is the site: http://deviantartads.com/


On Windows 8, the scrolling on your site works as expected in the latest versions of Chrome, Opera, Safari, Firefox and IE 7 - 10.
The page load time was pretty awful though, you might want to do something about that.


Yeah, I will go through and work on the load time. I’m aware. Thanks for checking. I’m baffled by the issue so far.