jQuery Script Quit Working

On the bottom of this page (Testimonials), I have a series of Testimonials that are to scroll/fade. But for some reason, the script quit working. Would this be caused by http/https mixed content conflict?

Interestingly, the script works on this page. The only difference I’m seeing is a jQuery version 1.6.4 running on this page with a ‘noConflict’ code running.


Use Developer Tools (F12) in FireFox… or, better yet, FireBug…

I read someone suggest making links “protocol agnostic” by removing http or https from the URL (so that it will start with just //, ie “//fonts.googleapis.com/blah/foo/bar”).



PS… curious as to why you chose default XP wallpaper as background image??? LOL!! Well, it kind of looks like that, anyway… hehehe…

Hello, WolfShade.

I’ve been asked to help with troubleshooting issues.

So you’re suggesting that I modify the URLs? It’s interesting that on the other page I mentioned, the Testimonials were functioning and it’s using a similar setup. Unless you’re seeing something I’m missing?

In the image that I uploaded, look at the last five lines of errors. Those are not appearing in the second page.



On the page where the testimonials don’t work, try moving this line (line 2) to somewhere below wher jQuery is included:

<script type="text/javascript" src="/jquery.orbit-1.2.3.min.js"></script>

Thanks, Pullo. But that didn’t make any difference.

You sure? Both pages seem to be working now.

I used a different code, which doesn’t seem to be having any conflicts.

Stupid question: but does jQuery code eventually quit working? Or will it always result by cause of conflict?

I don’t understand. Could you rephrase?

Well, basically, if the code worked before and it ‘quite’ working, what would be the cause? A script conflict? Or does the code itself need to be updated to conform to the newer, updated jQuery? Or does that matter?

I have no idea why the code stopped working, sorry.

jQuery won’t just stop working on its own, but newer versions do come out and these might deprecate and ultimately remove a method that another piece of code relies on.

Okay. That does make sense.

Thank you for your time, Pullo.

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