Jquery question

Hi all,

I suspect this is a fairly simple request but am struggling to know how to do it as my jquery knowledge is pretty damn basic.

This is the page I need the jquery functionality in:

each div toggles open another div once clicked, it then opens to reveal a profile.What I need to do is have all open divs close once the next one opens.
at the moment you have to manually click a close button in each profile.

Any help v much appreciated - and laymans terms are good!

Thanks in advance

All you have to do is take whatever a common trait between all of them are (it looks like .slider), and hide that, like so:


Or, if you want to slide it close, use slideUp() or something (same function you use on the close button).

Do this before you show and you can close them all first. If the one you want to open is acting function, you might want to add something like:


To take “this” (the one you clicked) from the list. (If ‘this’ isn’t the slider, you may have to do something like “.not($(this).children(‘.slider’)” or whatever is appropriate to target it).

Hi samanime,

thanks for your response, very clearly explained and worked a treat - much appreciated