Jquery pop up

Hi Guys

I want to a floating or auto pop up a few seconds after my
home page loads, can someone let me know what I should looking at please.

Thank you so much

My first question would be is would the popup be generated with the page markup or dynamically in the JavaScript?

My second question is would is act like a native browser popup where it floats in the center of the page?

Look at the JQuery UI Dialog component, I think it does exactly what you need.

That would be my first thought as well but for one popup it seems pretty heavy to use even if you customize the download, it would be more efficient to just use jQuery by itself just for performance purposes.

I want it similiar to some sites, which pop up and ask you to register.
In our case we just want to display a message when the home pages is loaded
and then when he clicks OK the pop up should close.But we also donot want it to appear each time the same user goes to the home page.


This is something I use for myself a lot.
Just a quick jQuery plugin i put together years ago.

Maybe it will help you.

jQuery Overlay Plugin

If you don’t want it to appear over and over again use cookies.

Thank you so much for this, exactly what I was looking for.


it’s no problem I have been meaning to update that thing forever. But I just don’t have the time. if you make any changes let me know.