JQuery Novice to Ninja: chapter 04/15

Can’t get it to work even using the downloaded code.
Using console I can see that gallery object is created and contains the initial values.
Using console, I can see that gallery.init is being called but that is it.
Gallery.trigger is not being called - I know because I embedded a couple console benchmarks like in .mouseout.
One photo appears at the beginning and setting alt text, I can see it is the second photo (1st Darth Fader).
Just before the photo appears there is a flash.

If I remove overflow: hidden from $photos in the style.css then all the photos line up and if I mouse left then the gallery shifts one place to the right. When I mouse right then it shifts back.

(: perplexed

Never mind. I have no idea why but it is working this morning after restarting computer/FireFox.
Grrh Gremlins.

It may have been a cache thing… probably the page was not refreshed or it was cached and the browser was using the cached version instead of the good one :slight_smile: