jQuery: Novice to Ninja 2nd Ed. jQuery Ver: 1.7.1 vs. 2.1.1 toggle

So far it’s going well, but in Chapter 5 it uses the toggle method for sliding menus up and down. The menus work with 1.7.1 but do not work with 2.1.1. The whole menu is removed. Example Chapter 05, 03_open_closed_indicators (jQuery below). Cannot find anything about what changed on the toggle method. Any ideas would be helpful.

$( '#menu > li > ul' )
	.click(function( e ){
  $('#menu > li').toggle(function(){
      .css('background-position', 'right -20px')
  }, function(){
  	$( this )
      .css('background-position', 'right top')

That means you are using an old browser that JQuery 2 doesn’t support.

JQuery 2 was a rewrite of JQuery 1 with antiquated browser support removed. It wasn’t a direct replacement for JQuery 1.

The next version of JQuery 1 after the current 1.11.1 version will be JQuery Compat 3.0.

The next version of JQuery 2 after the current 2.1.1 version will be JQuery 3.0.

This will make it clearer that there are two separate versions and that one isn’t a replacement for the other.

jQuery’s Toggle Event function was removed as part of version 1.9.


If you want to make this work with a newer version of jQuery, you just need to recreate the toggle function:

jQuery.fn.toggle = function( fn, fn2 ) {
  // Don't mess with animation or css toggles
  if ( !jQuery.isFunction( fn ) || !jQuery.isFunction( fn2 ) ) {
    return oldToggle.apply( this, arguments );
  // migrateWarn("jQuery.fn.toggle(handler, handler...) is deprecated");
  // Save reference to arguments for access in closure
  var args = arguments,
  guid = fn.guid || jQuery.guid++,
  i = 0,
  toggler = function( event ) {
    // Figure out which function to execute
    var lastToggle = ( jQuery._data( this, "lastToggle" + fn.guid ) || 0 ) % i;
    jQuery._data( this, "lastToggle" + fn.guid, lastToggle + 1 );
    // Make sure that clicks stop
    // and execute the function
    return args[ lastToggle ].apply( this, arguments ) || false;
  // link all the functions, so any of them can unbind this click handler
  toggler.guid = guid;
  while ( i < args.length ) {
    args[ i++ ].guid = guid;
  return this.click( toggler );

This was taken from here:


Here’s a demo of it working correctly with jQuery latest.

Thank you for the sample and explanation. I thought that might be the issue, but being new to jQuery wasn’t sure.

No problem

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