Jquery not working in safari

Just finished a site feganconstruction.co.uk that works fine in all major browsers except Safari. I’ve looked through the log and can find no errors. If anyone has any ideas id be grateful.

Issue 1 - links do not slide parallax style to anchored link
Issue 2 - Slider-pro text does not show up
Issue 3 - Gallery does not load at all

From what I’m seeing, Safari doesn’t like how a function is being declared from within the if condition.
That would be the md_cd1_maxh() function.

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Did you get this in an inspector with safari (sorry couldnt find one)

I’m not using .ct-countdown-2 but yet its still causing the whole dom not to load - im stumped…
Would you advise me removing the whole function?

Thanks Paul have this sorted.

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