JQuery not showing up on post pages


I believe I am using the JQuery cycle plugin on my blog. I am not certain as the template I am using was a free template that I modified.

I can’t get the featured content slider to show up on my post pages.

On my index page http://www.still-blushful.com you can see the content slider working perfectly (on the top of the page). But then on post pages it doesn’t show up as you can see here: http://www.still-blushful.com/2012/10/giveaway-moth-tastic-with-macs-moth.html

I can’t figure out why. I want the content slider to show up on every page, including posts. It shows up fine on the category pages but not on any posts.

Can anyone help?


Hi sassypie. Welcome to the forums. :slight_smile:

Those two pages are nothing alike—the one with the slider built with divs and the other (where the slider is missing) on tables.

The one that’s not working seems to lack the jQuery script that makes it work, but that script also references a div called “myGallery” that doesn’t exist on the table page either.

What code do you see on the table-based page? You need to have the picture files, div containers and so in on the page for the script to be able to act on them.

I’m using a template so the code is all on one xml page. The pages should all have the same script as it’s just a blogger template. I’ve uploaded the template as a text file, hopefully it can help someone see if there is a coding error I haven’t noticed.

The text file is here:


Thanks for the welcome :slight_smile:

This is the template I used if this helps. I modified it for my own design/layout:

It requires a log in, which I don’t have.

I modified it for my own design/layout

How did the second page end up all in tables? that’s a big backwards step.

Sorry I didn’t realise it required a login. I’ve uploaded it here:

I modified the top area with tables as it is the only way I could get the images to stay where required.

Both pages have the exact same template, which is saved as a text file above. So I can’t work out why it will work on one page but not the others.

The original template seems to have a bunch of divs containing the images and text, all wrapped in a div with an id of “myGallery”. The script is written to target that div with that id. On your table page, there is a cell, but all of those divs and images are not there. Cas you paste all of that in to the table page?

I finally worked out the problem. There was an exception code which made the coding for the main page and the posts different. It must have been in the template and I didn’t notice. Thanks for the suggestions you gave me, that’s why I looked at the code in that spot.