JQuery Ninja Code Issue in IE

I’m having a problem in IE with the True Cross Fading slideshow from the book (page 111).

A simple implementation is available here . It plays fine in Firefox, Opera, Safari and Chrome. In IE the image selection is jumpy – the fade transitions are interrupted with the previous image popping back.

Any thoughts? I know that IE is a troublemaker, but this is so simple. . .


I tested it in IE 7&8 and it works fine for me, it has a slight jump at the start in all browsers because the images were loading but apart from that it worked perfectly.

Made sure I was pointing to the most recent version of jquery.js (1.6.1) and then uninstalled IE9 and tried it in 8 – worked for me too. Reinstalled IE9 and the fade fails as before. Something in IE 9 broke the script. . .

Thanks for checking it out. . .


I wouldn’t bother even trying to develop for IE 9, its not even complete and Microsoft is already working on IE 10. Once they get there browser sorted out then i say start developing for IE 9+.

Agreed – that said it IS out there, and visitors to a client’s site may be using it.

Do you know of any similar scripts that are IE9-compatible??


Well, it’s the current version of IE, as far as I’m concerned, so it needs to be working in this browser. I consider IE8 and under outdated. (I know they are still widely in use, but I start with IE9 and work back nowadays.)

While that may be true its simple javascript that mjperry51 posted so it should work, i have tried IE 9 and reverted back just because there are way too many issues that shouldn’t exist in a browser that’s partially HTML5 and CSS3 compliant.

I still stand tall and proud by my statement not to develop for it as you shouldn’t have to spend time getting websites to work in it when they should work like they do in IE 8, 7 & 6.

The company i work for doesn’t support IE 9 so we continue to use IE 7 forced standards instead because there are too many simple and irritating issues that shouldn’t exist in whats consider now as the next generation browser.

Usually it’s the other way around: companies stop supporting old browsers and support the current ones.

I still stand tall and proud by my statement not to develop for it as you shouldn’t have to spend time getting websites to work in it when they should work like they do in IE 8, 7 & 6.

I would disagree but like most of our customers, I don’t have access to IE9 for testing either… I’m just not paid enough to go buy a whole new operating system just to get a browser. :frowning:

But anyway didn’t I just read something in the CSS section? about 1.6.x and IE where the OP ended up dropping down to 1.5.x and IE magically worked?

All I remember is Paul O’B answered that thread.

It’s not for me to tell you guys what to do, but I must say it seems a strange decision for a web services company to ignore the latest browser(s). Surely you wouldn’t want a reputation as “supporting all but the latest technology”. Unfortunately, a web designers/developers we have to accommodate as many as possible of the devices and browsers that are in common use.

I know it seems strange not to move forward but because of our clients guide lines we are restricted to using older versions of jQuery (1.4.4) and other old script releases. As far as i know all my co-workers in Sydney don’t use IE 9 either because of the restrictions, hopefully we can push forward soon but for the minute myself and other developers are stuck with what we have available to us.

PS: The main reason i don’t use IE 9 here at the home is because i run games in which IE 9 breaks.

I’m not defending MS – if their latest greatest version of IE breaks a simple script then THEY have the problem. As I said earlier – I don’t get to choose which browser my client’s visitors use, and I have to be cognizant of the fact that IE9 IS out there and IS being used. If it breaks a header animation I need to use another strategy. I’d rather use JS since it’s supported by IPad & IPhone (potential viewers) - but it’s far more likely their viewers are desk-based and Windows based; and that means IE9. . . .

So it’s a simple Flash animation for now. . . .