jQuery modal Dialog

Hi all,

I am working through the jQuery: Novice to Ninja book. I have a slight problem regarding the show of modal dialog’s.

In Firefox, the code works as intended. In Chrome it give the overlay but not the message box. But in IE7/8 it doesn’t work at all.

Basically, a webpage is loaded that loads a pdf document. This PDF document needs to be read and accepted by the user. The user then clicks a button (accept in this case) and the modal box is displayed. This modal box then loads the server response. All of this works as intended in Firefox. But as said above, not in Chrome or IE.

Any ideas as to what the problem might be? All the code is typed as is from the book, with me only changing the names of the elements and actions.

Oops, I see I have posted this before:

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I’m closing this thread because it is duplicated. You have more chances to get an answer in the JavaScript forum anyway. :slight_smile: