Jquery-mobile seems to prevent links from opening

Just added jquery-mobile,
Went to test on my phone & the menu links do not open. Very slow response, I can see the url change in the url bar, but the page goes nowhere.
Very perplexed as to why this is happening.
Any advice please?

My guess as to what is happening is that jQuery mobile has hijacked those links to make Ajax requests for the content to try and speed things up similar to Turbolinks.

My advice is not to use jQuery mobile for your site, unless starting again with a specific mobile optimized one.

yeah I did add code making all the links relative, but decided i needed more experience w/jqm before adding it to a site on the fly.
So took it out and will work my way through some tutorials and create something from scratch first.
Have you used jqm a lot? Do you like it?


I haven’t used it for years and don’t think it’s widely used anymore, not on my radar at least.

ha…so don’t even bother?

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