Jquery mobile - multiple "pages" - same webform on each page HELP!


I am building mobile website right that is made up of 5 “pages”. Each page has a webform on it. The webform is EXACTLY the same on each page.

I have a $.ajax script that posts the data to a PHP script and then emails the information to me.

However, if i am on the homepage and use the form, everything is work great! But, the second i go to index.html#page2 – everything false apart.

From what i gather, both forms are loaded into the DOM so when i try to submti the form, my scripts which handles the form validation won’t let me submit the form because its validating the first form that appeared.

I’m thinking i need to somehow load and unload the form so i only have one form in memory at a time.

How might i accomplish that?

See my thread on stackoverflow…