jQuery .load seo friendly for google spiders?

I have a question regarding SEO, when you use the .load functionality in jQuery.

You can load a document by referring to the href value of the link you clicked.
In this first case, the folder name where the html documents are stored (…/ajax/) is mentioned in the <a> tag, not in jQuery:

<a href="ajax/test.html">test</a>

var thelink = $(this).attr('href');

Or you can load a document by adding the folder name of your html documents in your jQuery and not in your <a> tag.

<a href="test.html">test</a>


I wonder which method is the most seo friendly.
I now use the first example, but I noticed that the google spiders stop at my navigation, and don’t go further to the other pages of the site.
But I suppose if I try the second example, the google spiders stop aswel, because the target folder is not mentioned in the links…
I ask it before I change all my links to let google check it.

Anyone experience with this?

Hi there,

The good news is that the Google search bot is able to execute AJAX to index content.
See here: https://twitter.com/mattcutts/status/131425949597179904

I find it weird that method one is causing the bots to stop, but I don’t think you have anything to lose by testing method two.
See also: http://www.google.com/search?q=search+bot+ajax

I now changed it to the second option, but I put all my html files in the same directory as where my index file is.
Google crawls it without errors now:

<a href=“test.html”>test</a>