JQuery image pan controlled by mouse position?

Hi all,

Can anyone recommend a Jquery plugin that will do this:

One Biscayne Tower

Moving the mouse to the left or right moves the image smoothly in the opposite direction.

I don’t know of any plug-in although I’m sure that there will be one around. You should search in Google or in jquery.com and maybe someone else may be of assistance here

Yet, if that doesn’t work, search for horizontal scrolling. While most of the horizontal scrolling tutorials are related to menus, it can be adapted to what you want: move from one side to the other smoothly.

Also, it may be better to ask in the main Javascript forum. If you want me to move this thread, let me know.

While it’s not exactly the same, I came across one today called zLayers
Check out for example this Jack O’Lantern demo.

Version 0.3 of it is currently being developed as we speak, and will allow the easing technique that is in the example you wish to duplicate.