Jquery ie6 .show not working

i’ve attempted to google this in many ways but none seemed to be the same problem, so here it is:
I can’t link a direct link (the whole keeping a project under wraps thing) but heres the code:


$('.accordion .btn_more2').click(function(){
                if($(this).text() == 'More'){
                return false;


<ul class="accordion">
									<li class="first">
										<a href="#" class="btn_icon dam" name="open"></a>
										<p><span class="txt_green">DAM -</span>aecenas ut turpis. In vitae erat ac orci dignissim eleifend. some more text</p>
										<a class="btn_more2" href="#">More</a>
										<div class="content">
											<p>mroe text Cras dictum. Maecenas ut turpis. In vitae erat ac orci dignissim eleifend<br />more filler text</p>


#benefits_bottom_a ul li {
border-bottom:1px solid #D6DBDE;
#benefits_bottom_a .content ul li {
margin:-10px 0 0;
padding:5px 0 0 34px;
#benefits_bottom_a .content ul.accordion li {

This is already in another accordion, so its an accordion inside an accordion.

It works fine in all main browsers except IE6. What happens is when I click it the .content div becomes visible, but it doesn’t expand to the full size. I can see the text inside the div visible but it cuts off at midway in the first sentence.

I’ll see if I can post a link, but due to the project, i’m not sure I can do it :frowning:

Thanks for any and all help,

Here’s an image of what ie6 is doing:

figured out its the parent that was the issue, i had to use jquery and reset its height to auto and bakc to its original when toggled back.