jQuery Fancybox for images just not working


I’m trying to get Fancybox working on this page:


All my code is in place, no errors, but clicking the thumbnails just doesn’t trigger Fancybox. I had Lightbox in place before, same problem, so I switched.

I must be missing something painfully obvious.



You don’t appear to have a link to the jquery library in the head of your document, which you need for any jquery plugins like fancybox to work. Make sure the link sits above any other jquery links.

I was using a js compressor, and jquery file was included, but I’ve disabled for now, so you’ll see the calls to jquery library, etc. there now.

I believe that you’re supposed to apply fancybox to a wrapper of the appropriate links.

yes pmw57 is right. I would seriously recommend asking the fancyBox forums through Google groups becuase they will help you quite quickly with whatever issues you may have. Also if you wish to no longer receive emails once your issues are fixed, you can obviosuly unsubscribe, but I want you it is hard to do so as you see a bunch of awesome ideas you want to learn how to do with fancyBox.

-Team 1504

Where did you find this js compressor because in one of my project, I have been problems regarding jQuery and other js I wrote loading too slowly.

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Because that is a serious problem…


I found my problem. As expected, something stupid - forgot to call



team1054: The JS compressor I’m using is specific to the ExpressionEngine CMS, but there are web based tools for it too–Google is as good as anything to find one.

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