jQuery encryption


Does anyone know what does http://www.jcryption.org/ actually protects from? As far as I know it only encrypts the post form data but doesn’t seems to protect from any hacking attempt?? :eek:

Then whats the point of it??

The simple idea behind it is not to prevent hack attempts which should be prevented within the back end PHP or server side scripting your using but to slow down someone trying to see whats been sent between the browser and the server.

This is nothing to suggest it doesn’t work and its a great idea in fact as i myself use Ajax a lot and this would actually worked quite nicely when sending JSON requests.

Firstly, it doesn’t protect man-in-middle attack, secondly I’m still quite skeptical on integrating this to my framework due to worrying it might cause some data integrity issue…In fact if this kind of encryption really works, why isn’t big sites like google or fbook using it?

Yes, exactly. If it was that useful then major sites or at least many normal sites would use it.
However, I believe it is a fluke.