jQuery easing doesn't always stop at the right position

I adapted a script from http://kirkdev.blogspot.ch/2012/01/simple-slot-machine-effect.html, made a WordPress plugin from it and wanted to use relative font sizes. Now, I have the problem, that the spinner doesn’t stop at the right position. I’m stuck. Any hints on how to adapt the margin sizes or whatever magic wand to wave would be highly appreciated.
Temporary demo: http://tst.armut.cash/

It looks like it’s stopping at the right position for me. I’m not sure what else you’re looking for. The three slots stop in basically the same alignment that they start it, right?

Is it working differently on different browsers? What browser are you having trouble in? It works for me in Chrome latest on Windows 7.

Hi, and thanks a lot for looking into it. Most of the time the first spin is quiet well but depending on the viewport size it’s not staying correct on subsequent spins.
I think it’s not depending on the browser (I mainly look at it in Firefox on Mac but it’s the same in Safari iOS and Chrome (Mac).

Ok, I see what you’re saying. Yes, you’re right, it doesn’t line up on subsequent spins.

I really can’t do much to debug that without a code demo though. If you want to create a reduced test case, and put it on JS Bin or something, that would be much better.

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