Jquery delay problem

Hi all,
I am using jquery delay in my site but it’s not working as expected.

the script goes this way:


can any one help me with this

.delay() is usually used to add a pause between jQuery effects. I don’t think tacking it on after an effect does anything. If you want to do something after the fadeIn has completed, use the callback function built into fadeIn:

$('#sendingMessage').fadeIn('slow', function() {
  // Execute something after the fade is complete

I like this better anyway since it’s event driven and not just adding idle time to the code. Not sure if that accomplishes what you want, though… Alternatively you could use a setTimout, but again, it’s not based on the event.

Thnx for u’r immediate reply.
i used the call back just the way you suggested.
but i wanted to know one thing - is there any limit for the delay we shuld set ??
iam trying to set a delay of almost 1/2 min. is it possible by delay?
Or can u suggest any other method for tht??
Thanx and regards