JQuery date picker not showing

Hi there

this is mu jsfiddle

in this I am trying to show datepicker but its not working

Is this related to your previous topic?

somehow but not fully .

you can assume this as separte code

OK - thanks for clarifying. Can I close the previous topic to avoid confusion?


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In the fiddle options on the left if you select jQuery 1.9.1 and then select jQuery UI 1.9.2 and then update and the datepicker will work.

ok thanks its working now

here is updated

Now next question if I click on add button ore than one time than date picker is showing but when i select a date from date picker than that date is not setting on input field.

click on add more than one time

You are cloning the section which means that you are duplicating the ids which is not allowed as ids must be unique.

Try removing the ids from the input and it should work.

If you are trying to a do a range datepicker then jqueryui has a daterangepicker option especially for this. However it is awkward to implement on multiple or cloned date ranges.

I have a demo of it working on multiple ranges here.


Its working thanks man
here is updated jsfiddle

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