jQuery data of depend <select> is not receiving correctly

I have asked this question before here

I am using @megazoid solution

But Instead of value attach with a particular SubCategory I am getting their reference like bt1,bt2,bt3 instead of For B.tech 1,For B.Tech 2,For B.Tech 3.

You can try it on your script.

When I try to use like this request.getParameter(“parameter name”);


so why can’t you change this:

"btech" : {
    "b1" : "For B.tech #1",
    "b2" : "For B.tech #2",
    "b3" : "For B.tech #3",

to this?

"btech" : {
    "For B.tech #1" : "For B.tech #1",
    "For B.tech #2" : "For B.tech #2",
    "For B.tech #3" : "For B.tech #3",


Thanks for correcting me

Know its working fine

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