jQuery Conflict

hi guys.

i am working on a site .and i am using three things on one page;
1)jquery drop down
2) jquery carousel
3)light box for gallery page.

but when i open gallery page jquery drop down and jquery carousel working but light box dose,t work .i thingk conflict between jquer files .plz gys help me its urgent.

You’re welcome, ansa. I’ve recently started to us slimbox2, and really love it.

Hi all Thnks Alot .and thanks to “ralph.m” now i place of light box i m going to use slimbox2.thnks ;

Hi ansa,

You’ll need to show us some code for us to be able to help you.

ralph.m has it right. I run into this problem on a daily basis at work. Our partner’s all use jQuery, and we use Prototype. It’s a simple fix really.

At the end of your jQuery file just add: jQuery.noConflict(); and then change all references to the $() to jQuery(). That should do it. Although just using a jQuery modal window script is truly the easiest solution.

Good luck!

Here are some pages that offer help for that problem:



But personally, I would use a jQuery alternative to lightbox. I like slimbox2, myself.