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Trying to Use A Smooth Scroller. Script Conflict?

I think this topic eventually got ignored. I’m wondering if anyone has any ideas on how I can fix it?

I’ve already looked at:


Trying a ‘noConflict’ doesn’t seem to solve any ‘conflict’ I’m encountering.

Looking at Chrome’s console detected a Uncaught TypeError: $(…).ready is not a function on line 24. Line 24

<script>$(document).ready(function(){function filterPath(string){return string.replace(/^\//,'').replace(/(index|default).[a-zA-Z]{3,4}$/,'').replace(/\/$/,'');}

So then I’m under the impression that I cannot use $(document) with the version of jQuery I’m running: 1.9.1?

Do you have a link to the site this is on?

In the mean time, first make sure that jQuery is loaded before line 24. If that doesn’t help try seeing if changing $(document) to jQuery(document) helps.

To answer your last question, $(document) should work with any version of jQuery.

That means that jQuery has not been loaded, that it cannot be found. If you’re using noConflict then it has to be the full jQUery name that you use, at least to start with:

jQuery.noConflict(); // remove $ as the jQuery global variable
jQuery(document).ready(function ($) {
    // $ can be used in here now

To answer your question, you can go here to see my problem.

What I’ve done now is that I made sure jQuery 10 was loading first, set the jQuery.noConflict above the smooth scrolling script. But now my menu no longer works.

If you can please take a look to see where I went wrong.

Well I finally got it working! But I’m still a little confused about one thing:

I’ve got two different version of jQuery running. It’s obvious that I shouldn’t have more than one running. But it seems that v.10 disables my menu, but without it I can’t run the smooth scroll.

Anyone have any suggestions on how I can just run one version of jQuery?

Check for global variable name conflicts.



I tried going to your site to see the problem, but am told that it’s blocked by your admin tools.

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