Jquery browser background slider

Hello, I have looked for a few days online and I cannot find exactly what I need. I am trying to modify a tutorial but don’t know enough about Javascript. Hoping someone here has a solution.

What I am looking for:

  1. An image slider/carousel that will re-size with browser window.
  2. The slider will be the background, so images will the fill browser.
  3. Perhaps a preloader since the images will be large.
  4. Simple fade transition between about ten images.
  5. There will be overlay navigation on top of the slider, but I just need help with the slider part.
  6. This needs to work in all popular browsers.

Seems sort of simple, but everything I found is much more involved and I’m not really sure what to strip out. I was hoping maybe someone here had seen something online that I wasn’t able to find. Thanks for any help.

Have a look at Supersized. Sounds perfect for what you are doing.

whoa nice been looking the same function slider as well, I hope it works well in ie 6 until 8

That looks like a very good candidate, thank you for linking I will check it out.

I believe it does.