JQuery Autocomplete fields not working right in IE8

I don’t have IE8 to properly test in easily available to me but I am getting feedback from some users on my site: www.classicstoday.com that the JQuery autocomplete functionality we have set up for our main site search form is not working properly in IE8. Looking to get some more feedback and hopefully some ideas as to how we can correct this issue for our IE8 users.


Which part of the autocomplete doesn’t work in IE8?

After I get this error message on the page:
HTML Parsing Error: Unable to modify the parent container element before the child element is closed.

and say that Yes, I do wish to continue, the autocomplete for the Composer seems to still work.

Hmm. I have not heard about that error yet. Can you send along a screen shot and any idea on what you think might be going on with that first error, that would be a huge help. As far as the auto complete fields are concerned I have been told that the only fields that work in IE8 are the composer and work title fields and nothing else (there are more text auto complete fields in the advanced section of the search form) I am just trying to confirm that there is a problem with them and then a way that we can go about fixing them if there is in fact a problem.


It seems to be the datepicker’s causing trouble.

You can resolve this by applying the standard solution, of moving your body scripts down to the end of the body just before the </body> tag.[/QUOTE]

Thanks for the screen shot we will look into that immediately. Now to the issue at hand I have users emailing me fairly frequently that on versions of IE8 some of our auto complete drop downs do not work in our main review search form…here is a note from a user and what he experienced:

I am running Windows 7, with IE8. I apply the monthly updates as soon as they are available, so I am up-to-date with all software and security updates.

I access http://www.classicstoday.com/.
I type moz and select MOZART, WOLFGANG AMADEUS from the drop down.
I click “open advanced search…”.
Then in the conductor field I type sze. I also tried typing szell, but there is no drop down to select from.

So, you are correct in that I am typing rather than selecting the conductor’s (or soloist’s) name.
It looks like the issue is that there is no drop down to choose from fro soloist or conductor.

Now I have tried this search in Chrome, Firefox and Safari and it works just fine. What I am trying to figure out here is if there is an actual problem with the auto complete drop downs in IE8 and if so how do we fix it or is this just another user who has no idea what they are talking about. :slight_smile:

Looking forward to your reply.


I also see that IE9 doesn’t show that suggestions list either, so let’s first start by looking at IE issues in general.

What I see is that the conductor JSON event is not triggering the success method for some reason, which explains why the autocomplete is not getting set up for it.

Hmmm. Ok. Well if the JSON event is not triggering the success method do you have any ideas why that might not be happening?

Not personally, no. But you’re closer to someone else being able to help with things, now that we’ve figured out that its one of several ajax requests happening at the same time that fails.