Jquery and php

hello, how to make for example: when i press on button it disappears and shows word?

Is this a static word? Or does it come from another program? Should this happen in the browser or should the button cause the page to reload?


Yes this word comes from another program dinamic word. I need that this happen without reloading page. And when click i want to add value to database.

I think you can do yourself ahead:

        $.get('test.php?a=1', {}, function(data){alert(data);},'json');
        $(this).val('Dont Click Me');

You will find your answer within the page of this book - Bulletproof Ajax

There are also many Ajax code examples that you can download and experiment with.

Thank you for your code :wink: could you please explain what means
'test.php?a=1, or where i should put a variable in this code ?

Thank you i will look at your recommended website :slight_smile:

If you cannot afford to purchase the book, your local library should have it for you to borrow.

Paul Wilkins



Sorry mate, that was a good attempt to help, but he’s after an Ajax solution.

Read the OP’s post #4