Jquery 304 Not Modified Issue

I am building an application with jquery, php, jquerymobile on a WAMP server. Everything in the app works fine until I try to go back to another page, where it should fire a function based on the pageinit function. It doesn’t seem to fire therefore the page is blank and no json data is put into the page. When I checked the events with firebug I realized in the console that the page gets a 304 Not Modified error which I read has to do with cacheing. How can I stop this from happening also within my ajax request the cache value is set to false and I am using a Get Ajax request.

The 304 Not Modified message is absolutely correct, because the HTML file has not been modified.

Is there some sample code that you can provide to us, so that we have the same situation that you are facing with which to explore the situation that you are in?