Joomla 1.5 issue with menu


i am using a template on the joomla 1.5 platform…

regarding the first 2 tabs/buttons on my top menu, when you are on the page the tab highlights in red like its supposed to (namely the homepage and features page/s). however on the remaining tabs when on those pages the buttons do not highlight when page is active. the same behavior occurs whichever menu u access those pages from (top / side / bottom.). how can i get the buttons to highlight when active like the first 2 do?

please help

site is:


You can do this purely with CSS, but I’m sure Joomla has a simple way to transfer the “active” class to the current page.

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What you can do is change the selectors in the CSS. I noticed for the active links, your CSS refers to #hornav ul > a. Try replacing that with #hornav .active a. This works for me and on one of my sites.