Join subcategories query problem

Hi all

I want to show subcategories on only the selected dealer

But the below code is showing subcategories on all dealers.

    »  Blackberry 
             »  Battery (2)
    »  Samsung 
             »  Battery (1)

If Blackberry dealer is selected then only its subcategories should be visible.

Others should be hidden.

    $qry_sub="select distinct s.subcid, s.subname from subcategories as s
    producttable as p
    s.subcid = p.subcatg and p.dealerid = ".$dealer_id." and p.status='Y'";
    //echo $qry_sub;
    echo "<ul>";

    echo "<li></li>";

    echo "</ul>";


Try it with LEFT JOIN instead of INNER JOIN

Thanks Megazoid

Got it working now


[quote=“megazoid, post:2, topic:190253, full:true”]
Try it with LEFT JOIN instead of INNER JOIN
[/quote]there’s a WHERE condition for the p table (the table on the right) so a LEFT OUTER JOIN will behave as an inner join unless that condition is moved to the ON clause

Where? I see only ON in original post

[quote=“megazoid, post:5, topic:190253, full:true”]
Where? I see only ON in original post
[/quote]please forget you saw my post

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Just a couple of points about the PHP code:

  1. The old mysql_* extension is deprecated in version 5.5 of PHP and is being removed from the next version (version 7). You should migrate over to the mysqli_* extension or to PDO.

  2. Where is the value for $dealer_id coming from? Any user submitted data needs to be sanititized and escaped. The escaping is best done using prepared statements

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