JMSSerializer vs json_encode

What is the benefit of JMSSerializer to convert data to json rather than simply using json_encode? The same question about Zend-Json?

None, really. They’re just convenience wrappers. The benefit is that you can plug and interchange these converters to get from one format to the other, but for purely turning stuff into json, json_encode is perfectly enough.

Is it possible to convert json directly to xml using jmsserializer and vice versa or first should I deserialize data then convert it to another fomat?

If I had one reason why to use this library was the convertion ability between json and xml. But I see its xml format configuration is only documented with annotation within entity classes but I wanted to use only standalone arrays so I cannot use entity annotation but instead i should use its class methods to format my xml but this is not documented, this is why I searched for XMLParser. Since I cannot use its xml feature, there is no reason for me to use this library vs json_encode at all…

I’m not sure what you need exactly. There’s little to no overhead in using any of those solutions, so I suggest you just try them out and see what works best. One of those might very well be the perfect fit, but it depends on your use case and needs.

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