JJ NextGen JQuery Slider and Nivo Slider Center Images Issue

Hey guys,

I’m working on this site here (Merrell Redway Portrait Photographer - HOME). I’m using the Next Gen Gallery WP plugin combined with the JJ NextGen JQuery Slider. Everything works, however I am unable to center the images within the slider container.

There is a short code for the JJ NextGen JQuery (center=“1”) that is supposed to center the images according to the container div, but obviously it’s not doing that.

Does anyone have any idea how to resolve this issue? I am also willing to pay to get this issue resolved as it is absolutely critical. Please advise. My shortcode is as follows:

[jj-ngg-jquery-slider gallery="3" width="960" height="640" controlnav="false" center="1" order="sortorder" effect="fade" afterchange='function() { jQuery("#homepageslider").css("background-image", "none"); }']