Jgallery 1.6.0 - can not find option to have the alt="" included in the source code

I can not find the version I have, but it looks very much the same and will attempt to upgrade to this one, but still no alt tag in the code that I can see to include it in the html changes.

I have tried to find the option and scanned the jgallery-1.6.0.js code and only found where to add the alt, but can not see where I get the data to include.

Line 2060 of the Jgallery script is where I added the alt tag, but can not see how I add the alt data from the $a array/object.

I think I am right in that the $a.attr is created somewhere but so far not found where so I can add to it the alt object.

Please can someone take a look and suggest where it could be.

Or is there an ‘option’ that I need to turn on or off to allow the alt to be inserted in the main image, it shows in the thumbnails.