JetBrains will require a subscription on most of their Productions

Yeah bit pissed, personally I’ll be moving to Komodo after mine runs out.

I don’t really understand the immediate problem. They won’t force you onto a subscription; you’ll just have to decide on something to do when your version of the software begins to be outdated. Same as you always would, right? Except your choices won’t include buying an upgrade on the same license, anymore.

I kind of expect this of most paid software suites. Surprised it didn’t happen earlier.

If my company won’t pay for mine, I’ll probably either buck up and buy a sub, or just back down and keep using ST3 or find another IDE.

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Each to their own.

Used Adobe CC? How do you feel about it? Personally I havn’t spotted a noticeable new feature in CC/CC2015. Infact all they have done is updated their exsisting code base at an expence to me. I would still be on CS6 if I had the lic/it was compatible with Yosemite.

Also IF i want to upgrade from Phpstorm8 to 9 then I can. If not I continue to use the old. If I let my sub lapse with the new toolkit I have to pay the full price all over again.

Ugh, I hate Komodo though. The IDE just isn’t a fit for me.

Good news, you don’t have to upgrade, you can continue using the software you have, just without support/future upgrades.

It does seem more expensive though. To upgrade my current license, it was only $99.00 for Intellij, the yearly fee now is $119.

So to say it is more cost effective for me, isn’t true.

It is. The price increase for individual licenses is the only thing that bothers me. I’m actually a big fan of subscription pricing.

@djsmithme why did you title this with just PHPStorm? There are many IDEs under the Jetbrains suite.

…and you can get all of them with Intellij. Which that part I don’t understand. Getting all of them or just IntelliJ are separate things in this pricing model. With the exception of a few, like ReSharper, I don’t think they can do anything more than IntelliJ can. Does that mean they will start moving towards NEEDING Webstorm or PHPStorm or Pycharm or Ruby Mine if you have IntelliJ? I sure hope not.


Here is a better link for just the pricing:

It’s not unless I’m missing something. I see $89/yr as the price for existing license holders. Am I missing something?

That is promotional, expires Jan 1, 2017, so this year I’m covered and next year I get a reduced rate for the yearly fee, but then it goes up.

Plus the existing prices are marked as promotional too (and expire Jan 31, 2016), so there is a good chance the rates listed are going to be higher early next year.

I also do not understand why a subscription model is needed here… Previously I could buy in one of the products necessary for my work and get going, or get IntelliJ to get them all.

The only way I see this really working out, is you force everyone into IntelliJ and then they subscribe to the languages/sub-products they want.

So I could get IntelliJ for a base subscription of $7 with one sub-product. If I need another, that is an additional $5 a month, or what have you (which still makes it more expensive for me), but would reduce JetBrains development costs.

Access to constant updates and making sure everyone stays on track. But, if you’re not using it that often anyway and buy a month by month basis, then what do updates matter?

I can definitely see how they are bad, but I still like them.

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Only because I don’t use the other IDE’s and I thought this was PHP section of the forums.

No worries, I’ve altered the title to one that covers it further and hopefully didn’t detract from what you originally intended. :smile:

I’m with you on this though. It is a big hit to take that future cost is going to be more than what we’re paying now for each upgrade. I may just have to stick with the version I have, as I don’t see much point in going to the subscription model when the majority of my work is for side-projects that do not earn anything in return.

Title works for me thank you.

Well they are listening so still time to do a U-ey on the whole thing.

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