Javascript sliding menu messing my page up ... can you help me figure out why?

I have the code for a javascript slider in my header. It is supposed to slide a menu out to the LEFT of the facebook icon at the top of my page. Unfortunately…this is not the case. Here are the 2 issues happening. I think they are both related to the javascript, but I do not know enough about it to fix it. Please help!

The attached pic shows what the alignment of the icons, is supposed to look like (my nav menu is pushed down a few pixels, as well).

Here is what the sliding menu is supposed to do (top right menu in the white part of the page)

Most of those broken item that you mentioned, are based on customized element that you’ve added I guess…did you really followed the instruction to overwrite it? I’ve did the “DIFF” on the actual style.css on your live site and it’s the same as yesterday’s copy?

I’ve based the changes on the default wordpress install which doesn’t contain any customized tag that you have for your site which I’m looking right now as I’m browsing it while checking it’s individual element using Firebug.

Anyway, below is the file I’ve downloaded yesterday in case you wanted to restore and I’ve attached a screenshot on how it looks like on my screen.

My suggestion is that you’ve finish how the total site would look like using the same theme with only the smarttoggle plugin broken, then after it is done…message me or post again here.

Why? most of tags you’ve added have custom styling which fixing the pluging CSS side would be difficult because either 1 or 2 element conflicts to the newly introduced tag with own style…

If you’re done with the total look of the site and with all contents on it, let me know…cheers.

ok, I will go ahead and put back the original header.php, and style.css, and finish the website. Then, the very last item will be the sliding menu. I will come back on here, and send you a PM when I am at that point. I still have some tricky items to deal with, but I am trying :slight_smile: . Thanks

Thanks for working on that for me…The sliding menu works, but… now there are some broken items on the site.

  1. The thumbnail videos do not work when you click them
  2. All 4 slides are on the page, but the slider is not working at all.
  3. The contact forms I have running are not working correctly, and the styling is no longer correct.

I sent you a PM. Thanks

Can you send me the complete theme file from wordpress? i’ll work on it after office hours…it took me a couple of minutes downloading individual images for your site to see how it will fit on the plugin, lol… :wink:

Have it zip btw…thanks.

Thank you! I hope you can figure it out…nobody else seems to be able to.

I understand. You did a great job on getting the sliding menu to work. I am NOT complaining at all. I just need to get all of this site to work in harmony as soon as possible. Thanks for all the help so far :slight_smile:

Somehow, the menu is stopping the other items from working…when I go back to the original style.css and header.php … all of the broken elements work correctly.

The CSS is around 2800 lines and most have absolute values which is kinda tricky…that’s why I have to run through each line and see what is conflicting, e.g. “.inner” class was once inherited overriding the plugin “.inner” making the photo center within the window covering everything.

I just changed the name of your modified files to header.php, and style.css and overwrote the original files on the server (I saved a backup though). Everything you did to get the sliding menu working is great…I love it! I just need it to work with the rest of the elements on the site. This is very difficult, I have noticed. I have not added anything to the site, except some css styling on the “Videos” page since you have been working on this for me. When I go back to the backup original files…everything works…except for the sliding menu.

Sure, the one that has 1.4.2 working? I’ll check it…I’ve downloaded the original 1.3.2 and works on my end based on the author github page.

See below fix on the theme files…


just rename those file_modified.* to it’s corresponding equivalent and run a “diff” if you wanted to check on what changes I’ve made.

Will do. If you get bored, there is still plenty to do on the website…I can always use some help LOL :). cheers

Thanks. Actually, the file that i have this code in, which is header.php is where I need the code to be, not sure how to take it from the html file you sent over and maintain everything (I am using Wordpress). The header.php file is here:

I’ve re-written the header part and it should work on your end now.

I’ve changed some CLASS -> ID since they appear 1 time within the whole page, just changed ID->CLASS if it appears more than once and update the corresponding CSS.

No prob…just drop me an email and I’ll help you, cheers.

I’ve noticed it too…any changes I made on “nav-fb” element’s content messes up using a local copy of your frontpage, anyway…i’ll tinker the codes and see what I can do, cheers. These are the files sent to me by the menu author. I have been trying for days to take this code, and put it to work on my site, without messing up all my alignments, etc.

kindly zip it and put it somewhere on your site where i can temporarily download it…