Javascript Question qurious as to how to get this working

I have 2 list boxes sided by side one with a list of values to send over to the empty listbox which works great and functions fine. The thing is, when I submit the form the values that was sent to the empty list box show up as an empty value as if nothing is in the box. Can someone give me further information on this. Here is my code.

<script language="javascript">
				function validate_list()
   					if ( document.theForm.ToLB.value == "" )
       			alert ( "Please select header column from the list box. " );
       				return false;

   				return true;
				function move(tbFrom, tbTo) 
				 var arrFrom = new Array(); var arrTo = new Array(); 
				 var arrLU = new Array();
				 var i;
				 for (i = 0; i < tbTo.options.length; i++) 
				  arrLU[tbTo.options[i].text] = tbTo.options[i].value;
				  arrTo[i] = tbTo.options[i].text;
				 var fLength = 0;
				 var tLength = arrTo.length;
				 for(i = 0; i < tbFrom.options.length; i++) 
				  arrLU[tbFrom.options[i].text] = tbFrom.options[i].value;
				  if (tbFrom.options[i].selected && tbFrom.options[i].value != "") 
				   arrTo[tLength] = tbFrom.options[i].text;
				   arrFrom[fLength] = tbFrom.options[i].text;
				tbFrom.length = 0;
				tbTo.length = 0;
				var ii;
				for(ii = 0; ii < arrFrom.length; ii++) 
				  var no = new Option();
				  no.value = arrLU[arrFrom[ii]];
				  no.text = arrFrom[ii];
				  tbFrom[ii] = no;
				for(ii = 0; ii < arrTo.length; ii++) 
				 var no = new Option();
				 no.value = arrLU[arrTo[ii]];
				 no.text = arrTo[ii];
				 tbTo[ii] = no;


<table width="250" border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0">
													<td width="100">
														<select name="FromLB" size="26" style="width:200px" id="sourceSelect" multiple="multiple" ondblclick="move(this.form.FromLB,this.form.ToLB)">
															<option value="Contract ID">Contract ID</option>
															<option value="Vendor ID">Vendor ID</option>
															<option value="Complete Upon Initial Receipt">Complete Upon Initial Receipt</option>
															<option value="Contract Complete">Contract Complete</option>
															<option value="Customer has Renewed">Customer has Renewed</option>
															<option value="Date Recieved">Date Recieved</option>
															<option value="Do Not Renew">Do Not Renew</option>
															<option value="Evergreen Clause">Evergreen Clause</option>
															<option value="GLB Compliant">GLB Compliant</option>
															<option value="GLB Sensitive">GLB Sensitive</option>
															<option value="Red Flag Sensitive">Red Flag Sensitive</option>
															<option value="Red Flag Compliant">Red Flag Compliant</option>
															<option value="Indefinite">Indefinite</option>
															<option value="Initial Termination">Initial Termination</option>
															<option value="Last File Upload">Last File Upload</option>
															<option value="M/N/A">M/N/A</option>
															<option value="Notice Date">Notice Date</option>
															<option value="Renewal Terms">Renewal Terms</option>
															<option value="Override Termination Date">Override Termination Date</option>
															<option value="Termination Date">Termination Date</option>
															<option value="Termination Letter Sent">Termination Letter Sent</option>
															<option value="Effective Date">Effective Date</option>
															<option value="Client">Client</option>
															<option value="Vendor">Vendor</option>
															<option value="Contract Completed Date">Contract Completed Date</option>
															<option value="Customer Desc">Customer Desc</option>
													<td width="100" align="center" valign="middle">
														<input type="button" name="forward" id="button" style="width:95px" value="Add>>" onClick="move(this.form.FromLB,this.form.ToLB)"/>
														<input type="button" name="back" id="button" style="width:95px" value="<<Remove" onClick="move(this.form.ToLB,this.form.FromLB)"/>
													<td align="left">
														<select name="ToLB" id="ToLb" size="26" style="width:200px" multiple="multiple"/>