Javascript Mootools conflict again :(

Again I experience a conflict between javascrip and Mootools but this time it seems that I can’t solve it with jQuery.noConflict();. I have a simple slideshow which I found here. The javascript code is the following:

function slideSwitch() {
    var $active = $('#slideshow');
    if ( $active.length == 0 ) $active = $('#slideshow .slide:last');
    var $next =  $ ? $
    : $('#slideshow .slide:first');
     $next.css({opacity: 0.0})
        .animate({opacity: 1.0}, 1000, function() {
        $active.removeClass('active last-active');
$(function() {
    setInterval( "slideSwitch()", 5000 );

And the slideshow works fin, except on one page where I use Mootools and Slimbox as well for a photo gallery. On that page the slideshow won’t work. I tried to implement jQuery.noConflict(); just above the function slideSwitch() function but without any result so far. What do I need to change to make this work?

Thank you in advance.