JavaScript Messing Up Print Styles

I wasn’t sure if this was a JS question or CSS, but here goes. I’m using JavaScript to remove some text from the page. However, when it prints, I would like that removed section to display as it normally would. I thought I read somewhere that JS isn’t executed when a page is printed, but that appears to be incorrect (I tried in Chrome, IE, and FF; didn’t work). Is there some workaround for this, or am I going to have to rework the JS so that it’s a little more printer-friendly? (live example)

The printed document is basically WYSIWYG; if elements are not visible in the document they are not printed.
To print ‘hidden’ elements use a css print rule within the existing css

@media print {
p {display:block;} /* all <p> content will be printed irrespective of scripted condition */

A separate print css could also be used.