Javascript links and htaccess

I have links that look like this in the browser:

Is there a way using htaccess or another method to make the above look more like: gallery.php or

Can anyone help me accomplish a better way of doing this?

That does not work. I am trying to target a div, ie:
<div id=“contentarea”></div>

<a href=‘test.htm’ target=‘contentarea’>test</a>

and drop all the JavaScript completely.

|How are you handling it for the 10% of people without JavaScript?

The simplest fix is to just replace the div with an iframe . Otherwise just use the href for the non-JavaScript version, move the JavaScript code into an onclick= and return false from that so it doesn’t run the href.

Not using .htaccess but you can (and should) recode your links so that they do display like you want.

Replace the href=“…” with a conventional link and move the JavaScript into an onclick=“…” where at least it will not break the page for 10% of your visitors.