JavaScript/jQuery learning videos

Hi there,

I’m currently working through Bob Tabor’s JavaScript Fundamentals videos on MSDN’s Channel 9 -

What I’d like to know is where I can go from here? I’ve looked at CodeAcademy but to be honest as I’m commuting to and from London every day, an online solution really isn’t suitable and I’m getting on well with watching a video in one window and typing/working through the code in Notepad and seeing the results.

Are there any other similar learning videos people have found useful? Ideally I’m looking for a series of more advanced videos which would follow on from Bob Tabor.


Any thoughts? :slight_smile:

Not personally - I don’t really learn that well from videos.
I could recommend a bunch of books, though …

Here are several training video sites. I have not evaluated them for JS, though.

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