Javascript framework experience required for getting a job. Help needed identifying where to incorporate one in my existing site


I’m broke, and need a job. To get a job, I need demonstrable JavaScript framework experience.

I have most of the technologies I can use demonstrated on my data-driven portfolio site, however I don’t use a JavaScript framework.

I’m hoping that the good members of this community would point me in the right direction as to:

  • Which framework (Angular / Vue / React / Node) is appropriate given the example site?
  • What stands out as the most obvious place to incorporate a framework?
  • Would someone be willing to get me started with a code snippet?

I believe once I get started, a framework will make things easier long term. I just need a starting point.

Thanks for your attention, and any replies.




You don’t need a framework for what you’re doing there. It’s a mistake to use a framework when one is not needed.

I recommend that you come up with a scenario where a framework will be of much greater benefit to you, rather than trying to shoe-horn one in to a usage that’s not fit for one.



I dunno… The site appears to be fairly data-driven and could be rewritten to take advantage of some of the featues that frameworks bring (especially if the rewriting is for the purpose of getting a job).

If it were me, I’d use something like Vue, which you can sprinkle on to the page to enhance its functionality, without requiring full buy in.

As a first step, for example, you could rebuild the “Send Money Worldwide” widget — it makes an API call any time the dropdowns change and has some state to maintain. That would be a reasonable exercise.


Rewrite the entire thing in Vue or React and use your Wordpress in headless mode. There’s not much going on, but it’s enough to teach you a lot.

Alternatively, you could use Next.js, Gatsby, Nuxt.js, or VuePress and do this using JavaScript as a way to build a static site. This will be faster and cheaper to host than what you have. But, I would learn how to do things the normal way before going this route.


I’m with Paul on this in that you don’t really need one, but if the purpose is to boost your resume by adding a framework to a thing you already built then what I would do is:

  • Literally list out which companies you want to work for, or look through the jobs section on places like StackOverflow, CodePen, or places like UpWork
  • Look at what frameworks these companies are using or what frameworks they list in job descriptions
  • Then, just learn the framework that aligns most with your goals

That being said, in my experience Vue.js is the easiest framework to “add on” to an existing project - it was also easier for me to learn out of React and Angular.