Javascript debugging guideness


i used flexslider for two boxes in the middle of my main page located here:

for some reason after i made more changes (i didn’t notice what)
the sliding in the two boxes stop working.

can any one guide me how can i debug myself or with tool like firebug
to understand what caused the sliding to stop working.


Do you know about F12 on your keyboard? In most browsers it opens the developers tool.

You can use it to check if the elements that you’re expecting are actually on the screen. If it’s not in your browser, use your next favourite.

i didn’t know F12 it’s a shourtcut to to chrome inspector, but what can i accomplish with that ?
if i’m asking for guideness for a debugging real problem, do you think saying “Do you know about F12 on your keyboard”
can help in anyway ?
so i did it see the source code, no javascript here, so everything ok with my code correct ? now what ?

and thanks for taking the time to answer, no mather what was the answer,Seriously.

When you browse through the structure and got to the elements did they get highlighted? When I make scrollers, and they are slighlty out, it’s usually because the areas are either above, below or to the left or right of the scrolling window. If they are being outputted to the screen, it helps to know where they are in relation to where you expect them to be. Then you can work out why they are there, for me it’s usually a missing float or clear

Edit:: Hint:: That’s a tiny white bar, too small to have that many children :slight_smile:

If you are using Chrome then the JavaScript Debugger is the bottom option in the Tools menu.