Javascript blur doesn't work

I have a very simple code:

>  $("#priv").blur(function(){
>    document.getElementById('priv').innerHTML = '';
>          return false;
>     });

the function should set span with id priv to empty(hide the content), if clicked on other stuff on the site etc. but it’s not working I am probably missing something, why blur doesn’t trigger?

Thank you

I doubt a span is a focusable element (AFAIK that’s only for window, links, and form elements), which is the condition that the blur/focus events can be triggered in the first place.

it might work if you add a tabindex attribute.

Thank you! I will see later, also “may be” useful:

That’s a pretty good reference on how it used to be done in Netscape 4 - back in the days (about 15 years ago) when you had to jumble HTML and JavaScript together instead of keeping them separate.

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