Javacript Issues as a full-fledged application develoment language

I know Javascript is NOT a programming language but a scripting language. I also know that Javascript is used in conjunction with HTML and CSS. I am considering moving/converting my legacy applications to the web possibly using Javascript. Can I build a full-fledge banking and HR/Payroll application using Javascript? If so, what are the possible issues for me to note. Since JS codes are interpreted, what effect on its speed. Also, since its codes are stored in text files, how secured is this?


Kayode Adeniyi

No, do not use JavaScript for that. Use more secure backend scripting instead, such as PHP or some other backend language of your choice.

JavaScript is manipulated at client side and not at server side. If we want to manipulate the bank data at client side it is not safe. So we have a server side data manipulation for avoiding data hacking and data safety.

Hi @wistree,

One emerging development area is Node.js it primarily uses JS both in the back and front end. I’m not recommending you do your application in Node.js; you’d have to determine if it fits the needs of your system, but you may want to check it out