help me to retrieve image from database using search query given in the textbox (E.g. How we get datas relevant in google search like that i need):slight_smile:

sir i have already stored images in database and retrieved it as a individual images now i want to give a description in the textbox we have created and we should search thoses relevant images based on the description we give and we should be able to view the images.For example i google we give a query in textbox like a red rose and click in images it will retrieve a list of images like that i need to get it sir… kindly help me in this regard

There are a couple of ways to handle search.

The fastest and easiest, but least robust way, is to perform a query on your description field using the SQL key word ‘LIKE’.

Something like: SELECT * FROM pictures WHERE description LIKE ‘%Red Rose%’

You would also need to consider case issues, like maybe using the toUpper or toLower functions.

However, if you want something more like what google does, you need to look into a product called Solr.

can you clarify your question a little bit more?

Do you need to get images from a database or do you need search capability like google? Or is it something else that you’re looking for?