Java Examples for Beginners

I am a beginner and learn programming with the help of books and internet. I am regularly using some useful resources on java programming. I want to share it and hope it will be very useful for all the other :

Java String Method Examples - We can create many programs using java string method. For this I specially suggest to all the beginners. Lots of examples on java string.

Some other websites helpful for the beginners are : (Lots of examples and articles on java programming. I have also found useful information on struts, dojo and jsf, excellent tutorial for the java students and beginners) - It is also best for the beginners. Examples are helpful. - This tutorial contains many java examples.

Since you bought this thread up i would really like to suggest a site for best

pracitses, We all learn to code in java, but we forget a very important thing

when coding in java i.e Best Practises i found it really good also with

some good links to Joshua Bloch’s Effective Java.

Here’s the link [URL=“”]Best Practises

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I tried the website you have suggested but it goes on not found page. Please check it and write the correct url information. Some other very popular for Java ajax programming are :

Ok see if this works

To be really honest i sometimes find these roseindia sites misleading, some of the information are not up to the mark. To learn any technology i believe the official site is the best place to learn.


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Only few examples here and these examples are common and found in any java websites. Some some examples of latest technology.

Try the online version of the Java Almanac. I’m not sure i can put a URL here - but if you google that you will find it.

It has categories of programming problems with solutions in Java - so it is good to learn techniques, and good for reference to bookmark when you need a quick solution to a frequent problem. Especially good for file and stream operations - which always are tricky to remember exact API usage.

Some good resources - I’m just starting out with Java an I’m by no means a natural programmer so struggling to get my head round things. Has anybody read Java Programming: For Absolute Beginners? See here:

No reviews on Amazon, but I’ve had it recommended to me. Any ideas?

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i think you should check up tutorial on
there’s a bunch of it.

Do you have a link?

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yes, learning Java on the official website is the best. We can also update the newest feature of java tech also. Thanks!

Can anyone tell how to fit Struts JAR into Eclipse and build a simple login system (database is MySQL) for a user? In Java, people say about filters for session management; I’ve seen it even but what is that exactly ;- ))


How to do a Struts project in Eclipse 3.3.x?; I tried HelloWorld servlet but even donno, how to run it using Eclipse!

Don’t know if you’re still having trouble, but: