Java: dead or alive? Need to know

My virtual tour is java based. As you know all browsers have disabled java. You can renenable it but you get tons of warnings. So most prob don’t. Which means most don’t see the tour. I just read that orical (java) fixed 42 security holes. So is that enough for browsers to release their grip? Or am I better off getting a new tour done? Google actually has a nice tour. Just hire a photo guy and a couple hundred bucks and walla.

Java as a browser plugin is being shunned because of security issues.

In fact, just a few days ago, yahoo was serving malicious ads that targeted the java browser plugin.

Java applets really haven’t been commonplace since the early 2000’s when flash started gaining popularity.

Firefox disables the java plugin by default. In IE10, it’s also disabled by default.

To reach the largest audience, you’re better off re-creating your virtual tour using a different technology. Although, keep in mind that flash isn’t available on mobile devices.

Hopefully Java is going to die - I’m still surprised how widely it is used because it is just asking for trouble having it installed on your machine. Try something that uses javascript instead, or just plain HTML5 and CSS.

Most of the major vendors of virtual tour products now output to both flash and html5 - this means your tour will be compatible with both mobile and also older browsers that can’t render some of the perspective effects using html alone.